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All of our bikes are built to the highest standards so they'll hold up to the best of their ability and so that you spend more of your time pedaling and less time talking to us about what's wrong with your bike. The same thing applies to the repairs we do.

Every bike we work on is test ridden and double-checked by a second mechanic and the work we do is guaranteed for 30 days.

When you bring a bike to us to have it repaired, we're going to ask that you spend a few minutes with us while we go over the bike so we can assess all of what it might need. We do this because we know your time is valuable: maybe you brought the bike in to have the gears adjusted but we see that the brake pads are worn, too. If we just adjusted the gears and sent you out the door, your next ride may not be enjoyable--or safe! Plus, you'd be back to us soon for that brake pad replacement when we could have taken care of everything all at once...and saved you a lot of time and hassle. Of course it's up to you what work you want done, but we're going to do our best to give you an honest and complete assessment of what might need addressing.
*Estimates are free

Tuneup packages

Our Comprehensive Tuneup is the most popular. In this package we'll address the lateral and concentric trueness of the wheels, adjust the hub bearings as needed, adjust brakes and lubricate the brake control cables as applicable, adjust the gears and lubricate the gear control cables, adjust headset and bottom bracket bearings as necessary and applicable, do a minor cleanup of the bike, lubricate the chain, air the tires to proper pressue and do a thorough test ride of the bike. As with all of our repairs your bike will be checked over by a second mechanic as a fail safe.

Our Deluxe Tuneup adds a full drivetrain cleaning and a more in depth bike leacning to our Comprehensive Tuneup. We'll degrease and relubricate your chain, chainrings, crank, and derailleurs to make sure that things are clean and running as smoothly as can be.