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Our demo program is here to help you make an informed decision on your new bike purchase. Please note that sizes and models are limited to what's in stock. We're happy to transfer bikes between locations as needed (we generally make stock transfers once a week) .

Please note that due to Covid and the bike shortage affecting bike availability across most models our demo program is largely suspended. Please contact us with questions or for info on what might be available.


We set you up on the bike making sure the adjustments are right for you, you fill out a waiver, pay your fee and head out to ride. You have til close of business the next business day to return the bike. We ask that you return it in clean condition. If you buy a bike from us within 30 days after your demo, we'll credit the demo fee to your purchase.  
*Please note that availability is subject to change. Contact us for clarification or anymore details. We limit demos when trail conditions warrant. We have two locations so we may need to transfer the bike to the location you prefer.