How we're handling the Covid-19 situation 

For now we are open for business. We hope to stay open but we're monitoring the situation constantly to make the best decisions we can.
Here's what we're doing:

UPDATE: March 26th

Starting Friday March 27th both of our locations will be operating with our doors locked. We are open for business but we need to limit your exposure and ours.
Here's how we're doing things:

Our entire catalog is available at You can even see what each store has in stock. (There's more info on facebook about how to see current stock:
You can order online and then pick it up at the store, or you can call us to order, pay over the phone and pick it up at the store. When you arrive we'll be happy to bring your purchase to you at your car so you don't even have to come in. Just give us a call.   

If you're looking for something in particular but would rather give us a call please do! You can call, email or message us through our facebook page. We can find a solution for you, take payment over the phone and then when you arrive at the shop we can bring it to your car.

If you're hoping to do some browsing we will work to accommodate you but it will be on a "concierge" basis. We will be happy to bring items to you for you to check out but we are limiting the ability to browse around the shop. Consider us your personal shopper. 

If you're in need of some service work the best way to go is to call or email us ahead of time so we can discuss your concerns and be ready for you to drop off your bike. Regardless, when you arrive we will meet you and take the bike in to the shop to do an initial assessment while you wait outside. We'll then touch base with a plan of action.   

When picking up a bike: We are working to do all payments over the phone whenever possible so when we call you about your bike being ready we'll ask for payment at that time. When you arrive we'll be happy to bring your bike out to you or we can deliver it to you at the door.   

Starting next Monday March 30th we're altering our hours so we can do the best job possible keeping up on our safety measures. We will be open 12pm-6pm Monday-Friday and 12pm-5pm on Saturdays. We will keep those hours as long as is necessary. 

Most importantly: THANK YOU for your support and understanding. We want to be here for you because we believe in the power of bikes but we also want to do our best to keep our folks and you healthy.
Stay safe, ride bikes.


-We're cleaning constantly using CDC approved methods. This includes all contact surfaces, test ride bikes, bikes that are repaired and everywhere else we can.

-We ask that as soon as you arrive you head to our bathroom and wash your hands. We will do the same.

-If you have any symptoms of any sickness please stay home. We never like asking people to stay away but in this case it's the best choice for all.

-We're limiting the number of people in the shop at any one time to a total of ten, including employees. If we reach that number we'll lock our door. If you come to us during normal business hours and the door is locked please knock. We'll touch base with you to make sure you're taken care of.We ask that you try to limit how many people come to the shop with you, in particular kids. We love kids but it's often hard to keep track of where they've been and what they've touched.

-We're offering curbside delivery for anything you're picking up from us. Just call us when you arrive. We can take payment over the phone and we'll deliver your item or bike to you at your car.

-If you are in an at-risk group but need service please contact us to set up an appointment. We will make arrangements to have you in the shop individually or otherwise accommodate your needs.  

-Our entire catalog is available at our website. You can shop at will, make your purchase and take advantage of our curbside delivery.

-We are not offering bike fits at this time. We will open our fit services again as soon as possible. This includes new bike fits. If you purchase a bike we'll work to get you as close as we can and then we will schedule your new bike fitting as soon as we can.

-We have started offering pickup and delivery service for tuneups. You can learn more about that service here.


This is a tough time for everyone and our thoughts are with you. We appreciate your support and understanding.