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East Coasters Wheels Class-ROANOKE
Wheels are important, and round and straight ones are the best kind! This class will cover wheel truing and spoke replacement. We'll get into the theories behind wheel concepts such as spoke tension, proper dish, etc. This is very much a hands-on class. Class size is limited and preregistration is required. Registration fees are non-refundable. Snacks and beverages will be provided.
East Coasters Triathlon 101 (Class in Roanoke)
Join us in our Roanoke store for the down and dirty on doing your first (or fifth) triathlon. Thinking about crossing it off your bucket list, or looking for that special kind of kick in the pants motivation? We can take the scary and unknown out and talk you through each part, and maybe convince you to sign up and embrace the awesome of it. We’ll be talking about bikes and transitions and swim caps and how to run after all of that. The date is March 22nd and the time is 6 to 8pm. Bring your questions and nervousness and we’ll make it real. Led by our own Kim Parker, Ironman competitor, bike fit professional and general purveyor of multisport knowledge Cost is $5 and preregistration is required Thursday March 22nd, 6pm-8pm
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