Get Stronger & More Comfortable

Nothing makes more difference to how happy you'll be on a bike than being properly fitted. That's why every new bike we sell comes with our ADVANCED fit (upgradeable, too). Since 1999 our expert bike fitters have been working with all kinds of riders to help them enjoy riding a bike even more.

Request an appointment now. Just tell us what fit you're interested in, whether you prefer to visit the Roanoke or Blacksburg store, and give some ideas of your availability.



Our entry level fit is designed to get casual riders in a comfortable position on the bike and to help orient them to the concepts of proper position and operation of the bike. This fitting is only applicable to riders using non-clipless pedals.



This is our "standard" fit and what we include with every new bike purchase. Using the same protocols as our TOTAL fit, we use info gleaned from averages of all kinds of riders to set your bike up to conservative parameters so you feel comfortable and efficient. 

Detailed seat height and fore / aftadjustment

Detailed handlebar position

Basic cleat setup and adjustment

Includes full documentation and one followup within 30 days.

Total Performance


Our TOTAL FIT is designed for performance-minded riders:

Complete injury, riding history, and goal analysis.

Assessment of on-the-bike issues.

Range of motion and flexibility analysis.

Fore aft and rotational cleat adjustment and installation of shims and/or spacers as necessary.

Saddle height/tilt and fore/aft adjustment.

Stem length/angle determination with position simulator.

Handlebar width determination.

Definition of appropriate stem length/angle, handlebar type/width, seat post type and model, and appropriate pedal selection.

Includes full documentation and one followup within 30 days.

*Please allow up to 3 hours.


Triathlon Fit | $250

Includes all aspects of the TOTAL FIT plus aerobar setup and additional time required to work with triathlon bikes.

Size Cycle Fitting | $200 / $100 when buying a bike from us

The size cycle is a fully adjustable sizing bike that allows us to dial in fit parameters without being restrained by the design of a particular bike. Used in fittings for custom bikes or for detailed sizing for a new bike purchase.

Follow-Up Fitting | $75 per hour

Our ADVANCED and TOTAL fits include one follow up within 30 days.

What Makes a Well-Fitted Bike?