"However, I can say with confidence that getting a proper fit is one thing that is almost guaranteed to make you faster and more comfortable on your bike. As I stated earlier, I am an experienced cyclist and have been riding bikes for many, many years. Still, I was blown away by how much the bicycle fits that I did helped my riding." - - - www.TheBicycleHub.com review of an East Coasters fit

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Since 1999 our fittings have been based on the idea that each person is unique. Just because one person's height and limb measurements are the same as another's doesn't mean they need the same setup: flexibility, core strength, riding style...all of these and more have a huge impact on your unique bike fit.

Serious road cyclist, multisport competitor, mountain biker, weekend greenway cruiser: all need to have a properly fitted bike to get the most out of the riding experience.

 Bottom line: If you haven't been properly fitted to your bike you're not riding to your full potential. We're here to help you maximize your efforts and abilities.

"CASUAL" FIT  This fit is designed for the recreational rider who uses flat pedals. We'll spend time getting the seat height right and the handlebars in a comfortable position. We'll also spend time covering basic topics that newer riders might have about shifting gears, etc. *This fit isn't applicable to anyone using clipless pedals.*
Typically takes about 45 minutes.
... $40

BASIC FIT Includes seat height adjustment, and saddle fore and aft adjustment based on anatomical measurements and performed by a trained staff member (We perform this fit on every bike we sell. ) We will also make recommendations on stem changes as necessary to get the bars into a comfortable position for you.
Typically takes about 60 minutes.
... $75

ADVANCED FIT AKA "Total Fit Lite". The Advanced Fit uses a slightly less detailed body assessment and we don't spend as much time addressing some of the nuances of the Total Fit such as using a laser to track the movement of the knees and doing in-depth foot assessments. Still a very detailed and beneficial process.      
Typically takes about 90 minutes.
... $99

TOTAL FIT Complete injury, riding history, and goal analysis. Assessment of on-the-bike issues. Range of motion and flexibility analysis. Documentation of current position. Fore aft and rotational cleat adjustment and installation of shims and/or spacers as necessary. Saddle height/tilt and fore/aft adjustment. Stem length/angle determination with the Salsa Size-o-matic position simulator. Handlebar width determination Definition of appropriate stem length/angle, handlebar type/width, seat post type and model, and appropriate pedal selection.  Performed by a Serotta-certified bicycle fitter.
Typically takes 2 to 3 hours.
... $175

SIZE CYCLE FIT The size cycle is a fully adjustable stationary bike that allows adjustment of every aspect of the bike geometry: seat tube angle, seat tube length, top tube length, stem length, stem rise, and crank length. We will find your absolute perfect position so that it can be applied to a custom bike or another new bike. The size cycle fitting includes all elements of the Total Fit. NOTE: This fit is a 2-step process with the second step being applying the measurements to a new bike.
Typically takes about 2 hours, plus 45-60 minutes in the followup.
... $115/bike purchased at East Coasters
... $175/bike purchased elsewhere
PURCHASE CONSULTATION Once we’ve done an existing bike or size cycle fit, we can help you decide what bikes might be best for you. We are--of course-- happy to provide info on any of our brands at no charge. If you’d like our help looking at other options, we’ll be happy to assist. We'll review with you all the choices that are going to affect your enjoyment, from fit to components to custom colors!
... No charge for bikes East Coasters sells; otherwise pricing starts at $25

Ready to feel the difference the right fit can make? Request an appointment by filling out this form, email info@eastcoasters.com, or call the shops.